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HodgePodge began in the mind of a little girl obsessed with horses and has grown into our home farm and sanctuary, with plans to expand significantly and continue or goal to end the slaughter of America's horses.

What We Do

Here at HPF we have 3 primary objectives.

1) Rescue - whether it be owners who can no longer care for their animal, from a direct slaughter situation or someone who finds their way to us, our goal is to save every animal who needs us.

2) Rehabilitate - Most animals who end up requiring rescue have physical and emotional and frequently training issues. We work on all 3 to ensure the best quality of life we can.

3) Rehome - Did you know that every animal adopted from a reputable rescue ensures the safety of another? The more life or longer homes we can place animals in means the more lives we can save.

Horses at HodgePodge Farm & Rescue | Argyle, TX
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Who We Are

We are Lauren and Jack.  Lauren grew up riding horses, in 4-H, interning for veterinarians, and as an animal science major in college. She has spent most of her life engaged in rescuing animals of varying kinds and she and Jack take every opportunity to continue to learn and grow their breadth and depth of knowledge regarding the welfare of all animals.

Join the Cause

Want to help but not sure how?  There are so very many ways to be a champion for animals.  Follow us on social media, share our posts, tag us on social media, donate funds, make us your charity of choice on Amazon Smile, send items from our Amazon Wishlist, spread the word about HPF and our cause any way you know how!

Baby Huck HodgePodge Farm & Rescue | Argyle, TX
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