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Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy





Permanent Resident




Miniature Mule


Cotton Candy, or Rotten Cotton as he's sometimes known, is our only resident miniature mule. We've just confirmed that he is all of 2 years old, which means he was only a yearling when you helped us raise funds over Mother's Day weekend 2021 to save his life. I hope his mom knows that he's safe. He's now a gelding because even though he wasn't capable of reproduction, his testes still produced vast quantities of testosterone that could make his behaviors progressively more difficult to handle. He's brilliantly smart and tremendously entertaining. He's Windsor's white shadow and their whole Mutt and Jeff routine is beyond adorable. Cotton and I are endeavoring to learn trick and liberty training together for both of our first times. We'd love any and all tips/tricks/resources/shared experiences as we're just beginning this new adventure. Cotton has now been a high fashion model, an overly dramatic hospital patient, and the star of his own fan club. We don't yet know what his future holds but we know the journey is going to be hysterical to watch. He's grateful for his fan club, a safe surgical procedure, his bestie Windsor, trick time with mom, and all the shenanigans we let him get away with. You're so special little Rotten baby, we're forever thankful that we found you when you needed us.


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